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 [BB Money & Firebug Shiny Cheat] Pkindigo

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PostSubject: [BB Money & Firebug Shiny Cheat] Pkindigo   Thu Apr 07, 2011 12:39 am

Here is the first cheat:
I absolutely hate [url=budvar.pkindigo.com]pokemon indigo[/url] XD
I hacked the crap out of it and they banned my account and the hack no longer works, but I've discovered a browser based cheat to trick the server and make me a millionaire.
You need google chrome or chronium.
I go into the setup battle team and attach a master ball (although any item will work) and then right click the tab and duplicate it as many times as possible, go into each tab and remove the item in each one, go back and check your inventory and you have all of the items you got from the tabs!
Go to the shop and sell your cheated loot and you got at least 10k IC straight away!

Here is the second cheat:
For this cheat you need firefox and firebug.
You need to know what the CSS script allows you to catch on the map you are on.
Basically on most maps the highest pokemon level is 50.
Change the values:
ID to the ID of what you want to catch.
Level to the Level of what you want to catch
and then add the line Shiny and the value 1 for shiny or 2 for gold.
If you are redirected to the maps then you have entered a value that is not allowed.

Happy cheating!

*Note: BB means Browser-based

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[BB Money & Firebug Shiny Cheat] Pkindigo
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